Advanced Street
Rider Training

Making the streets safer for riders.

One on one training

One size does not fit all; enjoy customized lessons for individual riding needs.

Take control of your motorcycle

Enhance YOUR riding skills on YOUR motorcycle for real life scenarios. Don't have a motorcycle? no worries, rent ours.

Ride faster and Safer

Learn about street riding techniques and mindset of world's best in class rider.

Our Philosophy

Riding motorcycles is not black or white, yet this is how often it is taught. There are many ways to get out of the emergency situation, or make a high-speed cornering turn or make tight U turns. That is why we bring you proven riding techniques to you. As a motorcycle training school, we don’t worry about the bike you are on but focus on the rider who is riding it.

Safety above everything followed closely by customer service 

Traction Control teaches the techniques that are proven to improve your riding abilities with the ultimate goal of safe riding in any conditions. To ensure this, the course is structured in progressive manner with a low instructor to student ratio and mandatory safety gear requirements. 

While we are focused on teaching, we are also dedicated to creating unique experiences for you. Safety is our utmost priority followed closely by customer service. Contact us and let’s get involved in the riding community!

"I would not be the rider I am today without Tushar at Traction Control! I was lacking confidence on my motorcycle and Tushar helped me work through my fears by increasing my skills through fun drills and endless patience. I felt as though he really understood my needs as a new rider and was constantly adjusting his lessons to make sure I was learning to my fullest capacity. The knowledge I gained in this course is invaluable, especially as a female rider. Tushar's passion for motorcycle training is unparalleled and I cannot recommend him enough!"
"A motorcycle is an amazing fun machine, if if you get the technique down to a science. Its a more enjoyable hobby. Working with Traction Control was the best decision I made. I was lacking confidence in my shifting, road ready, 3 sessions later I am on cloud 9. I kid you not. Make the right choices, get direction from a veteran rider a more proficient rider most importantly an educator who's not all "about himself " but 100% focuses on you. Top notch high level of teaching. Be a safe rider Be a great rider. Happy student!"
"As a confidence builder, I can say this course was top-notch, Tushar's zen approach to motorcycling and his depth of knowledge paired with enviable real-life experience was a real boost for me. If you're a beginner, returning to it after decades or just looking to hone your biking chops, I'd have no hesitation recommending, it's a first-class."

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