About Us

‘Traction Control’ is dedicated to creating a safe motorcycling community. We believe in the combined power of skill advancement and rider’s safety to enhance the joy of two wheels.

The purpose of this advanced course is to give you the tools and techniques to make you a safe rider for the streets while also opening the door to other motorcycle adventures such as track riding and adventure riding or long-distance riding. In Canada, research shows 25% of motorcyclists are female riders and we would like to see that number grow. 

Our instructors are passionate in creating a friendly and judgement-free learning environment and, with no riding test to take, we can confidently say that this will be the most stress-free course you’ve taken! 

"One mission, One rider at a time"

Tushar Dongre

Lead instructor

After teaching thousands of students, two things were clear, my students were making incredible improvements and I could never teach enough in basic safety courses. It was for the second reason, ‘Traction Control’ was born. 

Over 200,000km of riding experience in different parts of the world including Asia, Europe & North America. Riding is a passion of mine & my goal is to make Ontario roads safer for motorcycle enthusiasts. In past years, I have successfully trained over 1500 students for M1 exit courses.

I believe in constantly upgrading riding skills as opposed to solely relying on the capabilities of modern motorcycles. To prove this point, I completed a cross-Canada journey on a small 300CC engine displacement motorcycle. 

“Riding skills are not optional, they are necessity” 

Prior to becoming a motorcycle instructor, I was a fitness trainer and hospitality professional.