Motorcycle riding season in Canada is short, which leaves riders with limited time to practice their skills. If you learned to ride in parking lots, real world scenarios were never handled. Although basic safety courses are a great way to learn how to operate a motorcycle, there is a need for advanced street riding training.

Advanced Street Riding Course: $300

Riding Techniques 

Best rider’s habits 

Mental focus

Gear and safety

Motorcycle routine maintenance


M Prep Course (Not licensing): $300
Not feeling confident for the M test? Learn what is expected from the M test and practice a mock ministry approved M test. 

Custom Course: $300
Let us know what your goals are and we will create a custom training plan that will suit your needs.

Bike rental available: $100
Don’t have a motorcycle? no worries, rent ours.

Safety first (minimum gear requirements):

  • DOT approved helmet
  • Thick denim/ leather jacket
  • Gloves with leather palm
  • Thick denim/ leather jeans
  • Shoes with ankle protection

Wherever you are at, the course is aimed to enhance your riding skills. Curriculum is designed for street riders on ANY type of motorcycle and taught up to legal road speeds. 


All instructions happen in the public parking lot or streets not in a classroom. 


Ride on the streets with experienced instructor & get live feedback on real life scenarios. Experienced riders, this is as much for you as new riders.

Let's go for a ride!